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The RED Tours company has partnered with the WZCC Conclave to help with travel arrangements and also to provide the additional day trip to Windsor and the Spires of Oxford on the 30th July. The agency is owned and managed by Zarthusti entrepreneurs and aside from providing the additional tour on the 30th which you can find on this site, they are also available to help you with other travel needs.  Just as a taster they have provided a number of other tours around the UK and Europe that Conclave attendees may wish to arrange on their own.  Some of these tours are listed below but to talk to RED Tours or arrange a custom itinerary, then please click on the RED Tours logo at the top of this page to take you to their site.  They will be happy to discuss any specific requirements.

The Conclave 2023 are not liable for any issues with or arrangements made between individuals and RED Tours.    

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